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Renovation and repair of jewelry

The jewelry that you offer is handmade by me is handmade, which makes it delicate and unique.However duringprocess I make every effort to make it as durable and resistant to mechanical damage as possible. It is clear that over time, some elements of jewelry are worn, cracked or damagedcrumbling. Know that I am not leaving you alone in this situation! :)

Jewelry gilding

If you think that your jewelry has already worn off and you want to re-gild it and give it its original glow, this service is for you :) I do gilding of jewelry purchased from me as well as the one you have from another store. However, before you send me a package, write an e-mail with information about what it isjewelry and what do you expect. I will send you a quote and answer all your questions.

Broken string

If you have a bracelet from me and you broke a string in it, write an e-mail. I will reply with all the details. This repair will always be free.

Broken chain

you hookedchain o some element and it broke? Well, it happens :) Take a picture of him and write me an e-mail. And I will tell you what we can do in such a situation. 90% of these repairs are free.

Lead time

I try to carry out repairs as soon as possible. This usually takes up to 2 weeks. However, it may happen that jewelry will stay with mea bit more time. This will be especially the case inhot holiday periods. Here I am asking for your understanding. 

Try to get it sent to mejewelry was clean with no tangles, knots or knots. Attach a note to the package with information on which address to send the repaired product to and the e-mail address you used to correspond with me :)

Send any questions to the e-mail