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Jewelry care

I'm glad you came here :) It means that you want to take care of your jewelry so that it will serve you longer.

As you know, the jewelry I offer you is handmade by me, which makes it delicate and unique, requiring special attention. By following the recommendations below, you will ensure that silver will always remain shiny, and the natural process of wearing off the gold layer from silver will be as slow as possible.



Good quality silver always darkens. However, this process will progress faster in contact with perfume, sulphur, hairspray, salt water, or even the acidic pH of the skin. To prevent this process, each time you remove your jewelry, wipe it with a cotton cloth to remove sweat and fingerprints. Always put your jewelry in a lockable box so that there is no air access to it. However, when you notice that the jewelry has darkened, use a special cloth or liquid to clean it, which will avoid the risk of scratches. 


Gold-plated silver

Although the jewelry I offer is highquality and durability, and gilding is made of two layers of gold with a thickness of 0.4 μm, unfortunately, the process of gilding wear is natural and inevitable. Sweat, exposure to perfumes, and even compounds in medications can speed up the process. However, its speed dependsalso from caring for jewelry. By applying the following recommendations, you will make the abrasion process as smooth as possibleelongate i you will enjoy the golden color of your accessories for a very long time.

The best way to protect the gold layers is to remove your jewelry every time you take a shower or bath, use perfume or cosmetics, or do household chores. Before entering the pool or gym, remember to always leave it in a locker. Also in the case of gold-plated jewelry, each time you remove it, gently wipe it with a cotton cloth to remove sweat and fingerprints. Always put it in a closed box so that there is no air access to it. When you notice that it needs cleaning, use only a special cloth and do not polish too hard.

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